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How do I perform a traceroute?
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A trace route is networking information that shows you the network path between two locations. It shows you the address and how long it takes to get to each hop in the path. When there is a problem with a network connection a trace route can often be used to help isolate where the problem is occurring.

To perform a trace route on Windows 2000/XP/2003:

Navigate to: Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

A Command Prompt windows will open. In the command prompt enter the command 'tracert' followed by the IP address or hostname (tracert [address]) that you were instructed to trace route. Here are two examples of the full command prompt when doing a trace route to

Using the fully qualified domain name or hostname:
C:\Documents and Settings\EGI Tech>tracert

Using the IP address:
C:\Documents and Settings\EGI Tech>tracert

When the trace route has completed you will usually need to copy the text of the entire trace route. To do this right click inside the Command Prompt window and then select 'Mark'. You should now be able to highlight the entire trace route. Once highlighted you can right click inside the Command Prompt window to copy the text.
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